Other Waste

Some waste is not able to be disposed of through the Council's kerbside bin collection. To assist the community, Council provides other services and tips on how to dispose of waste thoughtfully.

Hard Waste

Residents are entitled to one hard waste collection per financial year (1 July - 30 June).

Bookings are required and are subject to availability and waiting periods may apply.  Bookings made on-line will receive an email advising of the next available collection in their suburb, and a ‘courtesy’ reminder email on the Friday prior to the collection week. 

Any rubbish that is put out without a booking is considered as illegally dumped rubbish that can attract a fine of $315.

To make a booking:

The maximum amount that can be collected is 2 cubic metres. (2m length x 1m wide x 1m height). This amount equates (approx.) to a small 6ft x 4ft trailer load.

Approved hard waste collection

Keep your hard waste safe and tidy

It is your responsibility to ensure that the hard waste outside your property is placed and maintained safely until collected - even if it is moved by other people. Council will NOT be responsible for removal of any items that have been ‘added’ to your pile by persons unknown.

  • Put your waste out the Sunday evening before it is due for collection - no sooner. Our Collection Contractor will not come onto private property to remove rubbish. Fines may be issued for waste placed on the footpath earlier than this date.
  • Leave plenty of room on the footpath for people to walk past
  • Don't leave anything sharp or hazardous on the footpath
  • Remove all doors from fridges and freezers
  • Don't stack your waste too high
  • Lie taller items down (eg wardrobes).
  • Acceptable Items
     Mattresses including foam mattresses Maximum of two, including the base.
     Household furniture and goods Dismantled where possible, eg lounge, chairs, beanbags, crockery, gym equipment, pram, toys, baby seat.
     Lawnmower Fuel tank must be empty.
     Hot water service
     White goods Maximum of two, doors removed or taped closed eg fridge, washing machine, stove.
     Electrical goods eg TV, fans, DVD player, toaster, vacuum cleaner, power tools.
     Galvanised Iron sheets or roof guttering Maximum of 15 sheets and no longer than 1.5m.
     Timber Maximum length 1.5m and bundled, eg floor boards, pergola, fence posts.
     Floor coverings Maximum of two rooms, must be rolled and tied into 1.5m length x 30cm diameter, eg carpet, underlay, rugs.
     Steel and metals  Ferrous and non-ferrous.  Bundled, dismantled and maximum length 1.5m. Modular rainwater tank no more than three modules. eg free standing swing, small modular rainwater tank, small round rainwater tank, cycle bike, chicken wire.
     Mirrors, glass, windows Securely wrapped in cardboard and marked ‘GLASS’.
    Note:  E-waste and mattresses are collected separately and may be left for a short time after initial collection by the compactor has taken place.

  • Non Acceptable Items

     Hazardous products, toxic substances, explosives, flammables, ammunition.
    eg paint, pesticides, garden fertilisers, cleaning agents, suspected Asbestos items, explosives, ammunition, fuel, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, fibreglass.
     Building material from erection, demolition or renovation of a property or shop, eg bricks, concrete, gyprock/plasterboard, cement mix, dirt, rubble, wooden pallets, tiles, toilet bowl and cisterns,
     Large rainwater tanks
     Car bodies, panels, engines, parts
     Batteries eg car, scooter, power packs, small AA.
     Liquid waste including paint and oil.
     Garden waste, tree stumps
     Wooden pallets
     Domestic waste
     Vegetation and garden waste including fruit and vegetables.
     Unwrapped or broken glass
     Cardboard, bottles, cans eg kerbside recyclable items.
     Unsanitary or sharps items eg syringes and medical waste.

  • Alternative drop-off points for some non-collectable items

    Full-service rubbish removal
    Phone 1800 468 586

    Metals, gas bottles, clothing, e-waste
    Glen Osmond Recycling Centre
    389 Glen Osmond Rd, Glen Osmond. Phone 8379 9955

    Household furniture, vegetation, metals, timber, e-waste
    Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre
    181 Morphett Road, North Plympton. Phone 8295 5790

    Household furniture, asbestos
    Metro Waste Thebarton
    19-25 Murray Street, Thebarton. Phone 8443 8827

    Metals, bottles, e-waste
    Daws Road Recycling Centre
    76 Daws Road, Edwardstown. Phone 8277 5588
    Household furniture, vegetation, metals, timber
    Integrated Waste Services (IWS)
    Wingfield Road, Wingfield. Phone 8243 2644
    Household chemicals and paint
    Green Industries
    181 Morphett Road, North Plympton
    Open hours: Monday-Friday 7am-4pm, Saturday 8am-3pm, Sunday 10am-3pm

E-Waste (Electrical) Recycling

Did you know Australia discards almost 20kg per person per year of electrical and electronic goods and recycles only 5%?

Electrical waste (e-waste) is any item with a battery or an electrical cord.

If you have an electronic product that is still usable, consider donating it to a community group, charity, friend or family member in preference to recycling it.

Electrical appliances are dismantled and the different components are sorted. Many of the materials, including glass, copper, plastics, metals and precious metals, are recovered for further processing and eventual use in the manufacture of new products.



  • Unplug n' Drop
    To help improve our recycling of electrical items, the City of Unley has joined with Electronic Recycling Australia in providing a convenient location for residents to drop off unwanted electrical items. The FREE Unplug n’ Drop cage accepts small electronic and electrical goods that plug into a power point, use a charger or is powered by a battery.

    Please place your unwanted electronic and electrical goods INSIDE the Unplug n’ Drop cage. Only small appliances are accepted. NO fridges or washing machines.

    Electronic Recycling Australia can deliver not just better environmental outcomes, but better community and social outcomes too. Their successful electronic and electrical recycling operation is an initiative of Minda providing services to people living with a disability through sustainable employment and enriches their lives through greater community participation and contribution.
  • What Can I Unplug N’ Drop?

    Small to medium sized items are acceptable, ie domestic items that plug into a power point, use a charger or are powered by battery.
    No large items (eg fridges or washing machines) will be accepted.

    Acceptable items include:

    • TVs – all types
    • Computers
    • Laptops
    • Printers
    • Toasters
    • Phones
    • Batteries – please tape over terminals
    • Printer and toner cartridges
    • MP3 players
    • Microwave ovens
    • Hairdryers
    • Food processors
    • Drills
    • Watches
    • Kids toys
    • Kitchen appliances
    • Cabling
    • Gaming devices
    • Monitors
    • Computer peripherals (mice, keyboards, modems, network devices)
    • Fax machines
    • Cameras (digital and video)
    • Scanners
    • Stereo equipment
    • DVD and video players – including CDs, VHS and cassette tapes.
  • Unplug n' Drop Cage Location

    Unley Works Depot

    75 King William Road, Unley.
    Inside the Depot site, and is only available Monday to Friday 8am-4pm.

    Other locations
    Unfortunately, due to known pilfering and damage, the Unplug N’ Drop collection containers have been removed from Fullarton and Clarence Park Community Centres. Alternative drop-off locations for your electrical waste can be found on the Electronic Recycling Australia website.

  • Larger Items
    Residents of Unley Council can also dispose of larger electrical items for free* at:

    Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre
    181 Morphett Road, North Plympton. Phone 8295 5077.

    Including refrigerators, dryers and washing machines.

    *Proof of residence is required.


Household Hazardous Chemical Waste

Some solid and liquid waste is hazardous and is not suitable for the usual collection and disposal methods.

Hazardous waste products include:

  • Garden chemicals eg pesticides, weedkillers and fertilisers Insect repellents and rat poison.
  • Cleaners eg oven cleaner, toilet cleaner, bleach, ammonia and furniture polish.
  • Automotive products eg fuel, lubricants and degreasers.
  • Home improvement products eg paints, thinners and adhesives, batteries and pool chlorine.

Please do not:

  • Place hazardous products out for garbage collection;
  • Bury them; or
  • Dispose of them in sewer or stormwater systems.
  • Free Household Chemicals and Paint Drop-off Locations
    6 Newton Road, Campbelltown
    Opening hours: Monday–Friday 8am–3pm.

    Edinburgh North
    Gate 3, Bellchambers Road, Edinburgh North
    Opening hours: Monday–Friday 8am–4pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am–3pm.

    32 Scott Creek Road, Healthfield
    Opening hours: Monday–Friday 7.30am–4pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am–4pm.

    North Plympton
    181 Morphett Road, North Plympton.
    Opening hours: Monday–Friday 7am–4pm, Saturday 8am–3pm, Sunday 10am–3pm.

    The Dry Creek depot is now closed.

    For queries about where to take paint and household chemicals, or more details on opening times please phone 8204 2051.

    For your nearest free paint drop off location, please visit the PaintBack website.
  • Accepted Items

    Accepted items include:

    • Acids and alkalis
    • Brake fluid and coolants
    • Motor oil
    • Cleaning products
    • Fumigants
    • Liquid paints – oil and water-based up to 100 litres
    • Gas cylinders
    • Batteries
    • Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides
    • Photographic chemicals
    • Poisons
    • Pool chemicals
    • Solvents, varnishes and stains
    • Fluorescent light globes
    • Other household chemicals.

Other Tips For Disposal

City of Unley Residents
Residents of the City of Unley can drop off small quantities of engine oil, batteries, fluoros, globes and mobile phones at the Works Depot, 75 King William Road, Unley. (Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm). Our Civic Centre and Community Centres also accept small batteries and mobile phones.

Batteries (Car and Truck)
Independent Batteries Distributors, 937 Marion Rd, Mitchell Park. Phone 8296 6311. FREE

Clothing and Textiles
Glen Osmond Recycling Centre. Phone 8379 9955.
Local Charity Opportunity Shops such as St Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army.

It is a legal requirement in South Australia that expired marine distress flares be handed in to a police station equipped to handle marine pyrotechnics. These flares are then collected by SafeWork SA and safely destroyed. Further details are available from the SafeWork SA website.

Light Globes, CFL (compact fluorescent lighting), Halogen and LED (light-emitting-diode)
Any Mitre 10, Banner Hardware or True Value store. FREE

Metals (including lead, aluminium, brass, copper, iron & ferrous)
Glen Osmond Recycling Centre, 389 Glen Osmond Rd, Glen Osmond. Phone 8379 9955

Mobile Phones
These can be recycled through MobileMuster.

Motor Oil and Tyres
Adelaide Waste and Recycle Centre, 181 Morphett Rd, North Plympton. Phone 8295 5077.

Nespresso Coffee Capsule
Take your used coffee capsules to the nearest Nespresso Boutique or participating collection points, visit nespresso.com.

Oral Care Products 
Goodwood Dental, 170 Goodwood Road, is a Terracycle drop off point for oral care products like toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, floss packaging, etc. Terracyle remoulds these products into other recycled products.

Unwanted paint can be disposed of for FREE by taking it to Cleanaway, 20 George St, Wingfield. Phone 8344 0900. Alternatively, allow paint to harden (dry out), then tap out contents into the waste bin and the container (tin) placed in the yellow-lid recycling bin.

Personal Care and Beauty Packaging
L’Oreal Australia have teamed up with TerraCycle to bring second life to used beauty products through a FREE Beauty Products Recycling Program. For more information on where the nearest drop off location is in your area, visit terracycle.

All chemists will take unused or unwanted pills and medications, and some will accept and replace sharps containers.

Printer Cartridges
Participating brands can be recycled via the 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' recycling boxes in participating Australia Post, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, and Dick Smith Electronics stores.

Radioactive Materials
EPA Radiation Protection Branch. Phone 8204 2004

Scrap Hotline
Visit Scrap Hotline

Residents can drop off their unwanted x-ray films for recycling in the specially labelled x-ray recycling bins located at Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur St, Unley. FREE
Alternative drop-off points for some non-collectable items

Full-service rubbish removal
Phone 1800 468 586

Metals, gas bottles, clothing, e-waste
Glen Osmond Recycling Centre
389 Glen Osmond Rd, Glen Osmond. Phone 8379 9955

Household furniture, vegetation, metals, timber, e-waste
Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre
181 Morphett Road, North Plympton. Phone 8295 5790

Household furniture, asbestos
Metro Waste Thebarton
19-25 Murray Street, Thebarton. Phone 8443 8827

Metals, bottles, e-waste
Daws Road Recycling Centre
76 Daws Road, Edwardstown. Phone 8277 5588

Household furniture, vegetation, metals, timber
Integrated Waste Services (IWS)
Wingfield Road, Wingfield. Phone 8243 2644

Household chemicals and paint
Green Industries
181 Morphett Road, North Plympton
Open hours: Monday-Friday 7am-4pm, Saturday 8am-3pm, Sunday 10am-3pm

Food Waste Recycling

Results from a recent audit show Unley residents have increased the amount of organic material being composted through the green bin system.

We still have room for improvement though, currently over 37% of food waste in our blue bins could be going into our organics bins instead of going to landfill.

Food waste that can go in our green bins include vegetables, fruit, tea, bread, cereals, eggshells, grains, meat and dairy products.

Food Waste Recycling


  • Composting
    Approximately 35% of the rubbish that each Unley household throws away in their wheelie bins is organic material that can be easily made into compost.
    A Guide to Composting
    How compost works in your garden
  • Kitchen Caddy
    kitchen caddy

    Prevent your leftovers and food scraps becoming landfill waste by using the kitchen caddy system.

    The kitchen caddy takes all kinds of food scraps, including bread, meat scraps and bones, egg and oyster shells, cheese, seafood and even tissues, paper towel and hair. The container is sealed to minimise smells or liquids and can sit on your bench top or under the sink. Once the kitchen caddy is full, both the compostable bag and contents can be placed directly into your green organics bin.

    Kitchen caddies and compostable bin liners can be purchased from:


    At the following prices:

    • Kitchen caddy with 52 compostable liners - $11
    • Roll of 52 compostable liners - $4.50
    • Roll of 75 compostable liners - $6.50
    • Roll of 100 compostable liners - $8.50
  • Foodwise
    Have leftover food in the fridge? Try the Recipe Finder.

    This FoodWise Recipe Finder is your guide to making the most of common kitchen foods.  FoodWise helps you get the most out of every meal and ingredient in your kitchen. So, get online and check out this great tool.  It will save you time and money and reduce your household waste.

Illegal Dumping

What is Illegal Dumping?

Illegal dumping is a result of people unlawfully dumping unwanted items such as mattresses, household furniture, electrical goods, building material and tyres in front of houses, alongside roads, on reserves and in creeks without the approval of Council.

It poses a risk to the health and safety of the community as well harming the environment by contaminating land and waterways.

Risks involved with illegal dumping include sharp objects, asbestos, toxic substances, nappies and medical waste. Illegal dump sites can be fire hazards, block storm water drains, can cause accidents due to obstruction for pedestrians, bikes and vehicles as well as being a breeding grounds for vermin.

Illegal dumping can lower property values and also attract other illegal activities.

Many of these illegally dumped items can be collected through Council’s hard waste collection service.

Illegally dumped waste
While some items such as tyres and hazardous waste are not accepted in the hard waste collection service, the City of Unley does provide options to dispose of these in the best way. Residents can recycle e-waste at one of our FREE Unplug n’Drop locations, while hazardous waste can be collected as part of our Household Hazardous Waste Collection (FREE) Trial. Larger items may be able to be disposed of through a Hard Waste Collection and we have a list of disposal and recycling options for trickier items such as tyres and motor oil.

Any rubbish that is put out without a Hard Waste booking is considered as illegally dumped rubbish and can attract a substantial fine.


Report Illegal Dumping

Anyone who suspects or witnesses illegal dumping is encouraged to report it immediately to the City of Unley.


Abandoned Trolleys

Supermarket retailers continue to work closely with Councils and the community to manage their trolleys, but they need their customers’ help to return their trolleys after use, and report abandoned trolleys, so that they can collect them within 24 hours.

To report an abandoned trolley, please contact the relevant retailer below.

Coles or First Choice Liquor:

Download the Coles App from the App Store or Google Play and use the ‘Report an abandoned trolley’ function.
Phone: 1800 TROLLEY (1800 876 553)
Visit Coles

Woolworths or Big W

Download the Trolley Tracker App from the App Store or Google Play to report abandoned trolleys.
Trolley Tracker Hotline: 1800 641 497
Visit Trolley Tracker


You can report an abandoned trolley at any time by calling 1800 163 900.
Reported trolleys will be collected within 24 hours.

Public Litter

The City of Unley provides litter bins in our parks, reserves and on some streets for the general public to dispose of litter. These bins are not to be used for disposing of residential, business or event generated waste.

Our waste contractor is scheduled to empty and maintain all Council owned litter bins. This collection schedule may vary at different locations due to seasonal and is based on the amount of litter generated.

To report an issue with a bin, please contact:

SOLO Waste Hotline

Phone: 8159 5059
Email: adelaideops@solo.com.au
and provide the following information:

  • Exact details of location
  • Nearest cross street
  • Section of park.

Dog Waste Dispensers
Compostable, biodegradable dog waste bags are available through dispensers in our parks and reserves to dog owners to encourage owners to pick up their dogs waste.