December 2021

We recently had a great tutorial on creating mandalas. Here are some resources should you want to embark further in this art form.

Mandalas take many forms. Originally a practise in several Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, the art can be used as a spiritual guidance tool or an art meditation.

In our workshop we worked with watercolours.

drawing a mandala

The beginning of a new mandala

 Drawing a mandala


We have several books and a magazine series available in the Libraries on this art form.

How to draw mandalas in simple steps by Ann Marie Irvine  

How to draw mandalas in simple steps

by Ann Marie Irvine

Over 140 illustrations teaching how to draw both simple and more complex mandalas in step-by-step instructions.

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 Creating personal mandalas by Cassia Cogger

Creating personal mandalas : story circle techniques in watercolor and mixed media

by Cassia Cogger

In Creating Personal Mandalas, you see how this most basic of shapes can open your heart and always leads you back to your center. In each of the 10 chapters, you explore two soul-expressing mandala exercises, facts and history on featured symbols, insights for using the confines of the circle for personal and visual storytelling, as well as inspiring art and reflections from contributing guest artists. 20 exploratory step-by-step mandala exercises--each an opportunity for new self-exploration, beginning with tips on establishing the right mindset. Interesting facts about symbols and sacred geometry, including suggestions for using them in your mandala projects. Practical art-making direction on the elements of design, watercolor tips, composition prompts, seeing color as a storytelling element and more. Use Creating Personal Mandalas to start expressing your life stories with the infinite possibilities of the circle.

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 Mandala stones : 50 inspirational designs to paint by Natasha Alexander

Mandala stones

By Natasha Alexander

Discover the meditative power of the mandala. In this book there is a collection of 50 unique designs, including mesmerising geometric patterns, calming nature-inspired motifs and spiritual symbols. Each colourful mandala is created by painting dots onto a stone or pebble - a simple yet soothingly effective process. With no specialist tools or skills required, you can immerse yourself in the process of creating these intricate designs. The stresses of modern life can be left behind, and meaningful, tactile pieces of art can be created to present as a perfect gift, to decorate the home, or to keep as a personal talisman. With clear and easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful photography, you will soon be gently crafting your way to a calmer, more creative self.

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 Mandala magazine in Spanish  

Mandalas magazine

(from Argentina in Spanish)

This magazine is in Spanish, however if you open it, it is full of full colour examples of mandalas and is great for inspiration.

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 Mandalas and meditations for everyday living by Cassandra Lorius

Mandalas & meditations for everyday living : 52 pathways to personal power

by Cassandra Lorius

Mandalas are symbols of the cosmos and, as expert Cassandra Lorius explains, they are also a map towards a spiritual heart. The circle itself represents the entire universe but the centre of the mandala is often where the focus of the image lies. In Mandalas and Meditations, Cassandra will help you find a mandala to suit your day and will help you to meditate upon the topic or meaning at the centre of your mandala. She will guide you in finding inner peace and power. Beginning with an introduction that will take you through the origins of the mandala, Mandalas and Meditations will show you how to meditate with mandalas; what methods of contemplation to use; and how to make your own personalised mandala. This handy compendium also contains 52 gorgeously illustrated mandalas that will suit every thought, emotion and ambition that may require reflection.

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There are many ways to start a mandala and every practitioner has their favourite. Here is a quick video on how to start a simple mandala using markers.


Kristin Uhrig does some amazing dot mandalas. she also paints on pebbles, so her channel might be a good place to explore.


And here is a window into some traditional mandala practise which is fascinating.

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