When the lyrebird calls

When the Lyrebird Calls by Kim Kane

by Kim Kane

Allen & Unwin, 2016

For ages ~10 years.

A time-slip novel in which Madeleine finds herself transported back to 1900 Australia, where she befriends a family of girls and is witness to a family secret and a family tragedy. 

At a time when young girls have no power and no voice, set against a backdrop of the struggles for emancipation, federation and Aboriginal rights, Madeleine must find a way to fit in with the Williamson family's four sisters - beautiful, cold Bea; clever, awkward Gert; adventurous, rebellious Charlie; and darling baby Imo - as she searches desperately for a way home.

Meanwhile, the Williamson girls' enchanting German cousin, Elfriede, arrives on the scene on a heavenly wave of smoke and cinnamon, and threatens to shatter everything...

From our book club:

very interesting to compare how different life was for children in the past. Easy to read and much more intriguing than the cover seems.

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