Recent Reads from Laura and Hannah

September 2022

Some recent reads recommended by our Libraries team with links to our catalogue so you can place your hold immediately.

From Laura, our Learning & Literacy Officer:

Sunbathing by Isobel Beech  

Sunbathing : a novel

by Isobel Beech

Summertime in Italy, fresh vegetables from the garden, taking turns washing dishes, reading to each other, learning about cherry worms. Strange how badly I could punish myself for abandoning you once, then go and do it again. After weeks of grieving, a woman books a plane ticket bound for an old villa in the mountains of Abruzzo. Invited to stay with her friends Giulia and Fab - in the weeks before they marry in a village orchard - she lives for a summer in the house's Birthing Room, where generations of women once had their babies. More often, though, she lives in her head: in the past, trying to make sense of her grief and wondering how to go on, or if she can. As her inner and outer worlds spar and converge, she passes the time helping with the household chores, walking in the sunshine and plucking fruit from the nearby orchards, all while dwelling on the moments with her father that might have warned her something was wrong.

From Laura: Sunbathing is the debut novel by Australian author Isobel Beech. Despite tackling heavy themes such as grief and loss, it is still such a gentle, comforting read that explores the restorative power of friendship. The story paints a deliciously descriptive portrait of the Italian countryside in the summer, with a sharp contrast to winter in Melbourne. Sunbathing makes me want to hug my friends tightly, and catch the next plane to Italy. 

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From Hannah, our IT Support Officer:

Roger Federer: the biography by Rene Stauffer  

Roger Federer : the biography

by Rene Stauffer

Rene Stauffer has been closely covering Roger Federera's career for nearly 25 years. In this comprehensive biography, Stauffer talks at length to the man himself, his family, friends, coaches and rivals to paint an unrivalled picture of the greatest male tennis player of all time. From his early life in Basel, Switzerland, where he first picked up a tennis racquet, to the heights of his 20th Grand Slam victory and all points in between, Stauffer reveals the secrets to Federera's success, the hardships and doubts that he has faced and examines the legacy that Federer has created in the modern game.

From Hannah: The day has finally come – Roger Federer has announced his retirement. I’ve been a big fan of Roger’s sportsmanship and skill since I was a child, and this biography certainly does his famed career justice. This is one of two biographies on Federer that were released in 2021 – I’m hoping for a documentary next!

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A Psalm for the wild built by Becky Chambers  

A psalm for the wild built

by Becky Chambers

"In A Psalm for the Wild-Built, Hugo Award-winner Becky Chambers's delightful new Monk & Robot series gives us hope for the future. It's been centuries since the robots of Panga gained self-awareness and laid down their tools; centuries since they wandered, en masse, into the wilderness, never to be seen again; centuries since they faded into myth and urban legend. One day, the life of a tea monk is upended by the arrival of a robot, there to honour the old promise of checking in. The robot cannot go back until the question of "what do people need?" is answered. But the answer to that question depends on who you ask, and how. They're going to need to ask it a lot. Becky Chambers's new series asks: in a world where people have what they want, does having more matter?"

From Hannah: This one was recommended on Gordy’s Desk last week – my interest was quickly piqued by the concept. This book gives a glimpse of a fairy tale future; a world salvaged by the magic of consciousness. The book is succinct, cosy and satisfying; especially comforting if you’re prone to existential crises about the impending battle against climate change. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. 

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