Let's talk harassment, assault & rape

The Let’s Talk Harassment, Assault and Rape booklist is a resource to help people understand and discuss these serious and sensitive topics. Most of the titles in the booklist are fiction titles that focus on one or more of these forms of abuse within a range of contexts and from diverse perspectives. Some of the topics explored alongside the core issues of this list include romantic, sexual, platonic and familial relationships, consent, mental health, misogyny, race, class, disability, bullying, rape culture, gender identity and sexuality. There are also several non-fiction titles that discuss these topics and their impact on individuals and society.

Whether someone has been a victim of harassment, assault or rape themselves, have friends or family who have been, or simply want to gain a better insight into the experience of living through these kinds of abuses, these books can open up dialogue, break down stigma and help people be more considerate, empathetic and knowledgeable on these areas.

As with all of the Let’s Talk booklists the titles vary in suitability for different ages. Be sure to talk to one of our librarians or check out reviews of books to determine if a title is appropriate. Additionally, the sensitive nature of the topics may be triggering for some readers so please choose books carefully. 



Harassment, assault & rape

Just Listen
Fighting Words
Girl Made of Stars
Symptoms of Being Human
Asking For It
Saints and Misfits
The Fire This Time: A New Generation Speaks About Race
The Way I Used to Be
Exit, Pursued by a Bear
Rules for Being a Girl
All the Rage
Blood Water Paint
Clap When You Land
Rani Patel in Full Effect
This Is Where the World Ends

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