Young teen fiction (10-15 years)

Young Teen fiction

Choosing suitable books for young teens, sometimes called tweens or middle grade readers, can be a challenge because they are moving between the childrens' and teen or young adult sections. To assist you with your search we have created a list of fiction that we recommend for young teens. At our libraries you can identify these items by the orange stickers on the front covers and spines. You might also find notes from us about who we think will like these titles and what they might contain. Check out our GoodReads lists or visit us at the Unley Libraries for more information.


Young teen graphic novels (10-15 years)

Graphic novels are particularly appealing for this age group. Parents can be reassured that studies suggest graphic novels are equally beneficial, and actually have some added benefits in terms of synthesizing visual and written information.  Titles we recommend for the 10-15 age group can be identified by the Young Teens stickers. We also have a Goodreads list.