Book clubs

We support a range of book clubs by providing book sets and meeting spaces at the Unley Civic and Goodwood Libraries, or Fullarton Community Centre. 

If you are an existing book club and you are interested in our book club sets, you can view our list of titles on Goodreads and below.  Each set contains eight copies of the book with discussion notes available upon request. Contact us to find out availability of sets, or to be added to our annual book club schedule.

Not sure whether your group is ready to commit? Start with our Browse & Borrow book sets. There's no schedule or commitment required; simply borrow a set from the shelf at Unley Library, and distribute them to your group. 

While we don’t have any current vacancies, if you are interested in joining a book club we can add you to our waiting list. If you would be interested in helping to start up and facilitate a new group supported by the Unley Libraries, we would love to hear from you!

Contact the Libraries, phone 8372 5100 or email