Babytime Online

April 2022

Unley Libraries Babytime 

Welcome to our online sessions of Babytime. We’re reaching out to parents of babies 0-12 months, and inviting you to sit down for ten minutes with your baby on your lap and share some songs with us. The actions and movements also encourage your baby’s motor development and balance. Our online sessions for babies and toddlers are designed to give you a sample of our on-site sessions and encourage early literacy, music and movement in your own home.

New Babytime 22 April 2022!

Babytime - Animals

Laura and Caitlin sing some animal songs and rhymes. Explore the world with your baby.


Babytime - Movement

Join Karyn and Caitlin, and Laura on the keyboard, for some active movement songs and rhymes to play with your baby.

Babytime - Bathtime

Amelia and Karyn sing songs for bathtime with baby

Babytime - Colours

Karyn and Caitlin sing songs about colours to share with your baby.


Babytime - Winter

This week Caitlin and Karyn sing some wintery songs to keep you and your baby warm on a rainy day.

Babytime - Bedtime

Amelia and Caitlin with songs for your baby at bedtime.

Babytime Live - Outdoors

Caitlin and Jackie broadcast a Babytime live on Facebook during the school holidays focusing on the outdoors with your baby.

Babytime - Waking up

Karyn and Amelia sing about waking up.

Babytime with Amelia and Jackie - Our Babytime favourite songs 2

We sing some of our Babytime favourites.

Babytime with Amelia and Jackie - Calm time with your baby

Amelia and Jackie sing some calm songs for time with your baby.

Babytime with Amelia and Caitlin - Our Babytime favourites 1

Amelia and Caitlin sing some of our favourite Babytime songs.

Babytime with Amelia and Caitlin - Active and Noisy

Amelia and Caitlin sing some active and noisy songs.

For more Babytime videos, and for Wriggletime, Storytime and more, please visit our YouTube channel - don't forget to subscribe so you know when we upload the next one.

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