Master building challenge - Winter Wonderland

15 August 2020

Winner announcement!

Congratulations to Erin (aged 9) for winning our Winter Wonderland Master Building Challenge! She says "This is a Winter Wonderland, there is a cozy campfire at the bottom of the ski slope and EVERYONE is invited. Would you like to come along too?" We had some wonderful entries. Thank you!

 Winter wonderland winner

Winter Wonderland entries


Casper, age 4

Casper age 4

Father Christmas' house and snow plough.

Lachie, age 4

Lachie age 4

Lachie thought of fire and mud when asked to create a winter LEGO. He spends hours playing with LEGO, and his other favourite thing in winter is playing in mud. When we can we have a fire outside with marshmallows. Making this fire winter land made him really happy. He added his ninjas and a fire man, and a tree house.

Ghaits, age 5


6x6 monster truck with turbo pusher.

 Jai, age 6


A Winter Wonderland of animals and people playing in the snow.

 Sofia, age 9


It is about an ice/snow angel who rose from the snow, creating with her magical wand, a beautiful wonderland! And included a cat, of course.

Vivaan, age 9


A Christmas in July.

We have made a house with a girl waiting for Santa during a winter time, and the Santa is outside but waiting for the girl to sleep. Outside on the roof, is the girl reading a book. Inside the house, There is a fireplace, a radio and a decoration present. Outside in the yard is Santa on his sleigh holding a present. His 2 reindeers, a tree and a snowman.

Erin, age 9


There's a cosy campfire at the bottom of the ski slope and everyone is invited! Would you like to come along too?

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