Festive cookery

November 2023

Festive cookery

Some recipe book recommendations for the festive season.

Vegan cakes and other bakes by Jerome Eckmeier, Daniela Lais, Brigitte Sporrer and Alison Tunley  

Vegan cakes and other bakes : 80 easy vegan recipes for cookies, cakes, pizza, breads, and more

By  Jerome Eckmeier, Daniela Lais, Brigitte Sporrer and Alison Tunley.

Want tasty vegan, vegetarian, eggless, or dairy-free bakes? This book is packed with vegan baking recipes that are quick, simple, and delicious: savoury and sweet ideas for vegan desserts, breads, and even mains such as dairy-free pizza and eggless quiche, every recipe uses straight-forward techniques and easy-to-source ingredients, and has a beautiful photograph to tempt your taste-buds. Long-term vegans with a passion for cooking, the authors teach you to bake irresistibly good treats such as gooey vegan brownies, light and fluffy vegan pancakes and eggless cakes, or a smooth and creamy vegan "cheesecake". Use their clever tips to avoid disappointing, dry, or unrisen results and follow their instructions to make your own everyday vegan substitutions for mainstream baking ingredients such as cream cheese and buttermilk. With Jerome and Daniela's reassuring guidance, even beginner bakers will triumph in the kitchen. So whether you're thinking about going vegan, are a long-term vegan or vegetarian, are egg or dairy- free because of food allergies, or are simply looking for healthier alternatives to your favourite treats look no further. 

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Fast Feasts by John Gregory-Smith

Fast feasts : quick, easy recipes with a Middle Eastern twist

By  John Gregory-Smith

As we've all been cooking more for ourselves lately, it's become commonplace to run out of ideas or feel fatigued from spending too much time in the kitchen. In Fast Feasts, John Gregory-Smith puts flavour firmly back into the kitchen with a selection of quick and easy recipes, all featuring his signature Middle Eastern twist, which will make you feel excited about cooking again. The book is packed with exciting meals that are full of flavour and look really impressive on the plate. The best thing, they are all super simple to make, using accessible supermarket ingredients so everyone can feel confident cooking them. Think gooey mac cheese, funked up with rose harissa, ready to rock in under half an hour, wickedly good chicken shawarma and chips - a recipe John picked up from his favourite kebab shop in Lebanon, and a delicious Nutella borek. As well as full recipes, John includes cheats on how to make a simple meal sing, from jazzed up mayos, quick sauces and zingy spice mixes that you can keep on hand for later or whip up in a few minutes as needed. Chapters include mid-week lifesavers, working from home lunches, banging brunches, easy entertaining and more. So whether it's killer comfort food, tasty mid-week meal or a fuss-free dinner for friends that you're after, this is the book for you. 

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Planet cake : Love and friendship by Paris Cutler

Planet cake : love and friendship : celebration cakes for special occasions

by Paris Cutler and Chris Chen.

The cakes in this Planet Cake Love and Friendship celebrate the milestones of romantic love, from courtship through to engagements, weddings and anniversaries-and even include an 'achy break-up cake' for the broken-hearted. The projects are designed for the beginner through to the more experienced cake decorator.

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Christmas feasts and treats by Donna Hay

Christmas feasts and treats

By Donna Hay

Donna Hay makes Christmas cooking and entertaining so easy, with this must-have collection of over 200 easy, delicious, reliable and totally fabulous Christmas recipes to make, enjoy and give over the festive season. I've had a hand in cooking Christmas feasts for as long as I can remember, but because it comes around only once a year, I know it can be a little bit daunting - especially if you're attempting a new glazed ham or you're asked to bring something different for dessert. This book is full of recipes I love and trust for exactly those times. With step-by-step images and plan-ahead tips, you can change-up your menu with confidence. And, while I admit I never stray too far from the classics at Christmas (call me nostalgic!), you'll find plenty of modern styling ideas and time-saving tricks inside.

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A very vegan Christmas by Sam Dixon

A very vegan Christmas : plant-based recipes for celebrating in style

By Sam Dixon

Enjoy plant-based twists on iconic Christmas dishes and discover some new festive favourites, with more than 70 recipes for the holiday season. Christmas can often be a feast of meat, cheese and chocolate, but whether you are reducing your meat intake or catering for plant-based friends and family, A Very Vegan Christmas will provide amazing food that everyone will love. Each recipe is simple to make and packed full of flavour, making sure each meal is a true celebration. With beautiful photography and illustrations throughout, this book would also make a wonderful gift for the vegan in your life.

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Advent : festive German bakes to celebrate the coming Christmas by Anja Forrest Dunk

Advent : festive German bakes to celebrate the coming of Christmas

By Anja Dunk

Advent is a cookbook that celebrates that magical time in the run-up to Christmas - when we have an excuse to bake spiced biscuits and cakes, when the evocative smells of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves fill the kitchen. Most of our favourite festive bakes originate in one place - Germany. German Christmas markets date back as early as the 1300s and their Christmas traditions have influenced many of the rituals and practices that we follow today in the west - from Christingle to Lebkuchen, Gluhwein and Stollen, these have been adopted by many people as a part of their own beloved Advent traditions. In this beautiful book Anja Dunk presents over 100 classic German baking recipes. Illustrated throughout with the author's own photography and artworks, and with a luxurious cloth cover complete with foil finishes, this is a stunning, comforting book that will be a family favourite for many years to come.

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Christmas table : modern recipes to celebrate the season by Australian Women's Weekly

Christmas table : modern recipes to celebrate the season

By Australian Women's Weekly

Christmas. Set the scene for your festive celebration with a beautifully dressed table, full to the brim with all the trimmings.

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Festive : recipes for Advent by Julia Stix

Festive : recipes for Advent

By Julia Stix, Eva Fischer, Claudia McQuillan-Koch and Christopher Newton

The anticipation of Christmas and the excitement of Advent bring out the cook in everyone, whether you're making nibbles to serve with drinks for friends, planning your holiday season menu or baking heartfelt gifts for loved ones. From panettone and jam cookies, to nourishing salmon and potatoes, pumpkin wellington and a warming ginger punch, here are 24 seasonal recipes to add festive deliciousness to your celebrations and personal touch to your gift-giving.

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Out of the box holiday baking by Hayley Parker

Out of the box holiday baking : gingerbread cupcakes, peppermint cheesecak, and more festive semi-homemade sweets

By Hayley Parker

By starting with cake or brownie mixes, ready-made dough and crusts, and other make- it- simple head starts, Hayley Parker makes holiday baking a breeze. She transforms everyday ingredients into one- of- a- kind desserts and puts new twists on flavors like spicy gingerbread, cool peppermint, and comforting hot cocoa. Here are candies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies, bars, and more, including: White Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles Eggnog Pie Red Velvet Whoopie Pies From the blogger who makes "even novice bakers feel like pros" (POPSUGAR), these sweet treats are perfect for holiday gift-giving, parties, and unexpected guests--even Santa will be impressed!

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The Christmas movie cookbook by Julia Rutland

The Christmas movie cookbook : recipes from your favorite holiday films

By Julia Rutland

This holiday season, rather than just watching merry festivities on-screen, bring the feast to your own home using The Christmas Movie Cookbook with over 65 scrumptious recipes inspired by the scenes from your favourite Christmas films!

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Georgia's cakes : a step-by-step masterclass to make every cake a showstopper by Georgia Green

Georgia's cakes : a step-by-step masterclass to make every cake a showstopper

By Georgia Green

If you're looking to take your cake decorating skills to the next level then look no further. No other book guides you through every step of cake decorating with as much detail and explanation as this one, while keeping it as simple and accessible as possible. Georgia's expertise, knowledge and teaching skills will transform the way you understand and approach modern day cake decorating.

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Harry Potter official Christmas cookbook by Jody Revenson and Elena Craig

Harry Potter official Christmas cookbook

By Jody Revenson and Elena Craig

Recreate the holiday magic of Hogwarts with festive recipes worthy of a Great Hall feast! Featuring both fan favourites and classic British dishes, this cookbook includes recipes for spellbinding appetizers, hearty meals, sweet treats, and delicious drinks inspired by the Christmas celebrations experienced in the Harry Potter films. Featuring images from the films, this book also includes full-colour photography for the recipes, step-by-step instructions, and helpful tips to ensure every cook makes magic in the kitchen.

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Cocktail botanica : 60+ drinks inspired by nature by Ellouise Anders and Annabelle Lambie

Cocktail botanica : 60+ drinks inspired by nature

By Elouise Anders and Annabelle Lambie

This is a celebration of all things floral, herbaceous, fruity and boozy. Explore the world of botanical cocktails - delicious boozy concoctions that use the very best floral, herbaceous and fruity ingredients. With more than sixty recipes for infused cocktails and punches to please a crowd. Featuring cocktails, punches, and botanical-infused spirits, this book uses herbs, fruits, flowers, and all things botanical that you can buy, forage, or grow. Full of botanical twists on classics, like a peachy old-fashioned, rose martini, or thyme salty dog, this book will delight your guests and put your garden to good use when you're entertaining.

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Summer sparklers : 60 sunshine cocktails for spring and summer by Jassy Davis and Sarah Ferone

Summer sparklers : 60 sunshine cocktails for spring and summer

By Jassy  Davis and Sarah Ferone

From picnic punches to beachside margaritas, refreshing spritzes to berry brambles, Summer Sparklers offers 60 sunshine cocktails for spring and summer. Feel the sun warm your skin as you imbibe summertime sippers, including the Gin Daisy, Passion Fruit Daiquiri, Rhubarb & Lemongrass Fizz, Mint Julep, Bahama Mama, Cucumber and Lime Margarita, and more.

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 Christmas basics by Pamela Clark

Christmas basics : simple easy to follow recipes for the festive season

By Pamela Clark.

 A lot of home cooks come up with wondrous feasts year after year at Christmas gatherings. This cookbook will teach you all the tricks for producing just about every recipe you've ever dreamed of that's suitable for the holiday season. Included are tips, hints, accompaniments, time lines to follow with step by step photos to guide you through the many fabulous recipes.

I have a favourite recipe of my own that I discovered in a magazine years ago called Champagne Jelly with Summer Berries. This recipe book, along with some great basic recipes has a similar recipe on page 169, Prosecco Jellies with Cherries and Berries. Basically you make a firm jelly out of a bottle of bubbly and let it set with fruit in it. It is a great entertaining wowser and can be prepared the day before, taking away effort on the day of your party. 

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The veggie Christmas cookbook  

The veggie Christmas cookbook : 60 vegan and vegetarian festive recipes

By  Heather Thomas.

60 fabulously festive vegan and vegetarian recipes. Whether you are hosting veggie relatives and are at a loss of what to cook, or you're a vegetarian or vegan who wants more than a dry nut roast, these special festive recipes will help you celebrate in style!

From the Collections Team:  Christmas is a wonderful time for cooking (and eating) but for vegetarians and vegans it can often be a struggle to find suitable festive recipes. Well, this is the book for those people (and people who eat meat too!). The wide variety of culinary ideas here range from desserts to bakes to warm pies. Los of food to leave you full and satisfied! As a bonus, there are plenty of suggestions about how to prepare your fridge and pantry ahead as well to keep you stocked up through the festive season. Time to get cooking!

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 Christmas treats: 50 sweet recipes for the festive season by Guillaume Marinette, Sandra Mahut and Howard Curtis

Christmas treats : 50 sweet recipes for the festive season

By  Guillaume Marinette, Sandra Mahut and Howard Curtis.

Guillaume Marinette shares over 50 festive recipes, from low-maintenance shortbread to show-stopping Christmas logs. Featuring cookies, nougats, truffles, frozen desserts, brioches, drinks and more, Christmas treats will enchant your holiday meals for years to come.

From the Collections Team: There's no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by filling your house with the delicious aromas of a mouth-watering bake. Featuring recipes for cookies, truffles, festive bark, cupcakes, chocolate logs, stollen, frozen desserts, brioches, drinks and more, the book is packed with treats for beginners and baking experts alike. Written by experienced pastry chef and YouTuber Guillaume Marinette, these failsafe recipes will delight your holiday meals.

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 Christmas cooking with the Weekly by Pamela Clark and the Australian Women's Weekly

Christmas cooking with the Weekly : 

Edited by Pamela Clark

At the Weekly we love Christmas. it is an occasion to indulge in good food as we celebrate with family and friends. But Christmas entertaining isn't all bubbles and giggles; it can be a daunting experience. To help, we have created nine delicious menus with easy-to-follow recipes that will ensure your Christmas feast is as enjoyable for you as it is for everyone else.

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