Welcome to Blackwood

Welcome to Blackwood by Khaiah Thompson

by Khaiah Thompson

Hawkeye Publishing, 2020

For ages 12+ years.

Freya has spent her life on the run—trying to blend in amongst Mundanes. Like her father, she is a dreaded Syphon with the ability to draw power from others. When Freya accidentally draws energy from a friend, she and her family are on the run again and return to her mum’s hometown of Blackwood, a community of supers. Freya meets Beau, rumoured to be a lone wolf. He is hostile towards Freya due to the power he senses in her, but when he rescues her from a risky situation, they become more than friends, creating tension with her family and rival packs. What happens next in the town where nothing is normal could cost Freya her freedom…

From our book club:

easy to read, fast-paced, a touch of romance, leaves you wanting to know what happens next

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