Video recs

March 2024

Wading through streaming platforms online to find something to watch can be a challenge. Here are some recommendations from our staff to channels or videos on sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

Disclaimer: Links to external sites do not constitute an endorsement or approval by The City of Unley. 

Women Holding Things with Maira Kalman

'In Women Holding Things Maira Kalman explores, in her signature combination of writing and painting, the significance of the tangible and intangible objects we carry- in our hands, hearts, and minds. Kalman’s unique work is a celebration of life, of the act and the art of living, offering an original way of examining and understanding all that is important in our world- and ultimately within ourselves. 

Recommended by Gordy

Reading the World’s LONGEST Book

'Get ready for an epic adventure as we attempt to conquer the longest book ever written: Artemene ou la Grand Cyrus!'

Ever wondered what happens in the longest book ever written but didn't want to devote hundreds of hours to find out? Yes?! Then this is the video for you!

Recommended by Lewis

Books You Can (Never) Read

'You never know, you might only have a narrow window to enjoy something before its gone. Are you ready to learn what you can never know?'

An informative overview of the forces (both natural and cultural) that have led some books to be widespread and for others to be lost to time.

Recommended by Lewis

History Time

'Travel back in time with me to some of the most fascinating moments in human history. Witness colossal sea battles involving tens of thousands of men, take part in pagan blood rituals in the mysterious forests of Northern Europe and engage in highly orchestrated tribal warfare within Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. All this and more from the comfort of your own living room/bus to work/toilet throne.'

If you are looking for detailed long-form history documentaries, this is the a great channel to let play while you are crafting or just for interest's sake. Covering all parts of the world, discover our history.

Recommended by Ruth

KDigital Studio


'Hi there, I'm Kirstin (or better and more easily known as K) with KDigitalStudio!

I am an adventurer, wanderer, and creative spirit... who loves to organize, study, and plan the big (and small!) things of life. I'm here to show you how to live a more productive and creative life, one beautiful day at a time, using tools like digital planners, notebooks, and journals plus fun tutorials and other tidbits along the way!'

A range of how-to videos 'for creatives and go-getters'. Browse a range of tech help videos for your iPad and learn something new.

Recommended by Laura.

Jazz Coffee Shop

'At Jazz Coffee Shop you can find many cozy coffee spaces with white snow and jazz music to relax, read and sleep!

We have a special passion and love for Jazz music, visit Jazz Coffee Shop regularly to enjoy the tunes of Piano Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz Music, Bossa Nova...

You just need to make a hot cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy the best tunes, all will bring you a great feeling of relaxation!'

This channel has some great ambience and calm jazz and piano music. A great resource for when you need background noise and just need to focus while working or studying.

Recommended by Darcy.

History of the Entire World, I guess

This is a humorous take on the history of the entire world. There is a language warning on this one, but it is humorous and generally factually correct. Watch with a smile.

“What happened after the Big Bang? When did the dinosaurs die? Which civilisation came first? All these questions and more will be answered in less than twenty minutes!”

Bill Wurtz creates humorous short videos with a variety of animation styles. However, his series of videos covering historical events are not only amusingly presented but also quite detailed! I think this one is a great entry point into his work.

Recommended by Lewis.

Fall of Civilisations

'A podcast about the collapse of civilizations throughout history. 

Why do civilizations collapse? What happens afterwards? And what did it feel like to watch it happen?'

These can be watched as videos or listened to as podcasts and they are full-on and amazing documentaries. I love the learning I gain from these. My only concern is that I watch them at night and fall asleep as they are quite long. I admit to having to rewatch a few. I highly recommend them as the presenter is excellent and the information fascinating.

Recommended by Ruth.

Astrum : Space for Everyone

'Find space interesting but are put off by its complexities? Tired of mainstream sensationalism? Are you a space enthusiast that wants to watch concise and interesting space documentaries? This is the channel for you.'


If you are interested in all things space, Astrum is for you.

I'm a fan of their videos on the planets and in particular, Jupiter's system of moons, something I've long been fascinated by. With modern space imagery direct from all the amazing technology we have available to us, their videos are full of colour and amazing sights..

They also have excellent documentaries on that technology. They follow many of the missions sent into deep space, the rovers on Mars, and our wonderful space telescopes.

Definitely worth a look if you are interested in what lays beyond our atmosphere.

Recommended by Ruth.


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