New to the Libraries


Looking for new items added to our library? Here are some lists linked directly to our catalogue to help you out.

New adult fiction

Looking for the latest stories added to the collection? Find them here.

New adult non-fiction

All the science, travel, sport, the new books about and how to do things.

New adult DVDs & Blu-rays

Latest films, documentaries and television series added to the collection.

Hot Speed Reads & Hot Speed Flicks

These are our most popular items.
Hot Speed Reads & Flicks are special collections with special conditions of loan:

  • No reservations: if it is on the shelf, you can borrow it.
  • 10 day loan for books, 7 day loan for DVDs. Please return on time.
  • Only one Hot Speed Read and Hot Speed Flick may be borrowed at a time.

These conditions are in place to ensure a rapid turnover of items so many patrons can enjoy popular items quickly, without having to wait on long reservation queues. However, if you prefer not to borrow the Hot Speed Read/Flick edition, for every HSR/HSF in the collection there is another copy in the catalogue available for normal loan.

All new Unley Libraries items

Everything new in our collection added in the last 30 days.