1st prize winner - Songwriting

December 2021


Judges Comments: Nari has adopted a character to convey her story. Her title reflects the postcode of Unley and she describes the changes in local life from the 1870s to now. She has written her song in a key that shows off the best of her voice. Her performance is confident, excellent pitch and beautiful tone, we particularly enjoyed the minor chord in her song structure. Beautifully performed and presented


Fifty Sixty One

by Nari


Fifty Sixty One Lyrics - By Nari 

Starting an adventure heading out across the waves with you, the big blue

Unfamiliar places and unfamiliar faces but you, it’s all new

And small villages sprung up everywhere and, no one would be elsewhere

By 1872 there were 2000 of us nowadays there are 20,000 of us

Walking in the woodland forest, a mix of blue and green gumtrees

Taking in all of the nature that surrounds me, there’s orchids

And my husband was calling me so I stepped out of the trees

Out of Black Forest, towards our shelter home, now home

Life times on I’m walking down pristine streets

Tall grand buildings towering me

Plenty of dog parks around the place

Most people seem happy in this space

So in this modern day it’s a nice place to live

And there’s a community that’s got a lot to give

Now I’m old and I know I’ll miss a beat or two

But Unley I know I’ve enjoyed, passing through, passing through, thankyou