September 2021
As part of our Makerspace program, we recently had a few workshops on mosaics at the Libraries. We launched a project to create a splashback for the Makerspace/Tech Lab room at the Unley Civic Library.
Mosaics come in many forms. For ours we used square tesserae in a chosen palette and each participant was able to create their own individual design. The designs were then lined up to create the splashback. 
While still a work in progress, the final project is looking amazing.


Mosaic splashback

makerspace mosaic

mosaic splashback

Mosaic splashback

If you missed the workshops, there are a range of books in the Libraries and across the state that can help you try this fascinating and long-lasting craft.

The practical encyclopedia of mosaics by Helen Baird


The Practical Encyclopedia of Mosaics by Helen Baird gives a great overview of the huge variety in the craft of mosaics with lots of clear step-by-step projects. Looking at this book and its glorious list of beautiful materials has me wanting to grab some tile cutters, tesserae, glue and mortar and play out in the sunshine.

The complete pebble mosaic handbook by Maggy Howarth

Another book I found on the shelves at Unley is The Complete Pebble Mosaic Handbook by Maggy Howarth. This is a book I borrowed a while back and spent some time drooling over and planning some designs for my own garden (which have yet to be realised). It takes mosaics in a different direction from the traditional tile and mortar approach and applies the technique to pebbles and paths. The results are pretty amazing. The book gives you the full how-to to make your own designs for your own garden. To get an idea of some of Maggy’s amazing work you can see some examples on her website.

Another prolific mosaic artist is Bonnie Fitzgerald. She has a couple of books in the Library network you can request. She also has a YouTube channel providing a great insight into the craft of mosaics.

We have a range of books on mosaics, varying from tiles to pebbles to Lego.



As with all art and craft, I would recommend reading up and watching multiple craftspersons as each artist will approach the medium differently. You will learn something from each of them and develop your own way of creating.
Keep an eye out for more Makerspace events and discover a new skill and have a little fun.
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