Accessing online government services

November 2021
Many government services are accessible online via websites and apps. These include via:

Accessing your COVID vaccination record

You may require your COVID vaccination information for personal or work purposes. You can show proof of your vaccinations using:

Below are videos and instructional step by step guides to access the online websites of the official government services, including Medicare and MyGov. If you would like assistance in accessing any of these websites or installing an app, you can attend the Libraries Tech Help one-on-one sessions.




Your Covid-19 vaccination record online

This website tool guides you through the easiest way to get your vaccination record, including how to continue when you have a Medicare card, a MyGov account, or an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) number. Follow this tool to determine the easiest method - Getting proof of your COVID vaccinations online.


Create a MyGov online account

Visit Services Australia for a step by step guide on how to create a MyGov account. Or view the video below.

 **To create a MyGov account, you will require an email address. If you don’t have an email address, but wish to register online for MyGov, attend a Tech Help one-on-one session to have a staff member assist you to create an email account.



How to link a service to your MyGov online account

You can link different government services such as Medicare to your MyGov account. Watch the video below or visit Services Australia for a step-by-step guide.



How to link a service to MyGov if you don’t have an online account

You may wish to link a service to your MyGov account, but you don’t have an online account for that service you wish to link. Watch the video below or visit Services Australia for a step-by-step guide.



Australian Immunisation hotline for assistance

Phone: 1800 653 809 or email


Express Plus Medicare mobile app

You are able to access your Medicare information via a mobile phone app. This app can be downloaded from the Apple App store, or the Google Play Store onto your mobile phone. For further information, visit Services Australia for step-by-step guides.

To use this app you must sign in using a MyGov account with a linked Medicare account. Within the app you can then view and save your proof of vaccination. There are many other Medicare tasks you can do with this app as well - for full detail, visit Services Australia.


 International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

 If you are planning on travelling overseas you will need to obtain an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate. You can request a certificate through:

  • Medicare online via a linked MyGov account
  • Express Plus Medicare Mobile app



Remember that our one-on-one Tech help sessions are available to assist you, should you have any trouble with the above.

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